in the spring of 2016, aubrey directed an original piece by jennifer m yoo titled fire horse.  the play was produced by uh manoa's student-run late night theatre.

fire horse explores themes of cultural superstitions, feminism relationships, and generational conflicts between mothers and daughters. this original work was inspired by the japenese superstition known as the fire horse. it is believed in several asian countries that women born during the year of the fire horse will bring increasingly bad luck, spell nothing but devastation for their families, and bring about the premature death of their fathers and/or their spouses. fire horse tells the story of three generations of women whose lives are affected by the superstition's ill omens.

director: aubrey watkins

stage manager: traci oya

set designer: aubrey watkins and nathaniel niemi

lighting desinger: chris patrinos 

costume designer: traci oya

fight choreography: shannon iriarte with consultation from rachael uyeno

all production photos by: neil scheibelhut