anime alice, 2015

in the spring of 2015 aubrey took a graduate directing course from eric johnson, artistic director of the honolulu theatre for youth (hty).

throughout the semester, she directed several short pieces, including a scene from mike kenny's cloud pictures.

for the final work, eric assigned scenes from shows that were to be premiered at hty the following season. aubrey was asked to direct and workshop the first twelve pages of a brand new piece entitled anime alice by alvin chan. she was tasked with designing, building, casting, and directing these twelve pages.

below is a video of the cast performing the final version at hty.

a great deal of credit goes to the actresses: joanna mills (alice), jennifer yoo (koken, bill the lizard), michelle pitel (koken, white rabbit),                                susan bowyer (koken, sister, dodo bird), and bronte amoy (koken, mouse). 

thanks as well to sound and light operator kimberly shire and chesley cannon who filmed the video.